Posted by: Ariel Leve | February 5, 2010

Breaking News. Almost.

Thank you to everyone who has written to me about Cassandra.

Here’s the news. I will be writing a monthly column for the Observer Food Monthly – starting in mid-March.

There will be a new Daily Beast column out tomorrow.

What else. I am still writing for the Sunday Times Magazine.  I have something running this Sunday.

In America, it’s known as Super Bowl Sunday.  Can’t wait!

That’s not true. I can wait.

Here’s something else that’s not true. People say all the time you live and learn.

But sometimes you just live … and keep going.



  1. Cassandra and Dad Rules were the two best things about The Sunday Times and they have lost both. Still lots of room for ‘whats hot and whats not’, people requesting tuxedo advice and Jeremy Clarkson column – ie the longest midlife crisis in the history of man.

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