Posted by: Ariel Leve | April 10, 2010

40 Days?

That’s right. It’s been 40 days since my last blog post.

How do I know this? Because a loyal reader sent me an e mail alerting me to the fact that he’s been waiting. He also let me know that he will give up his allegiance unless I post something soon.

There’s nothing like the threat of abandonment to get me motivated.

Plus, I’ve just discovered I have something new to add to my “Things I’m Not Good At” list. Blogger!

It’s a long list.

Next Tuesday, April 13th, my book will be on sale in the US.  I’m excited. There are a few things that I will post here next week –  an interview with the hilarious AJ Jacobs  – but the link is not up yet. Check back for it please.

You know how people say: don’t judge a book by it’s cover?

Well in this case, you CAN judge the book by it’s cover.



  1. Cor, 40 days… what have you been up to? Still, whatever it is you do or don’t do you always make it sound interesting. Very good wishes for the book launch in USA next week. Warmest, Annie

  2. Just about sums up the way I feel about a great deal of things.

    My issue is. If people want me to de-construct a problem or issue why can’t they just simply ask me? Of course it then becomes.

    “Oh it’s all about you then is it? Well there’s no courage, spontaneity or thought in that. That’s not exciting.”

    I find, and I’m sure may can identify with this, that feeling low is not really that exciting. There’s plenty of people who stick their tongue out at this kind of statement. I do care, but I doubt I’ll end up acting the way they’d like.

    Why the difficulties with blogger?

  3. About damn time.

  4. My nephew gave me The Cassandra Chronicles for Christmas! I must remember him in my will for doing me the favour. And now my sister is addicted. Are you reading my diary?!

  5. WOW ! – you’re looking mighty sexy on that there bookcover, even more sensual than the caricature version of the UK edition.

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